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Nam Den, The Host of Afro Viet TV is BACK!

. Nam Den is a Nigerian content creator and YouTuber known for his channel Afro Viet TV. He has a strong presence in Vietnam and is fluent in Vietnamese, allowing him to connect with a diverse audience. Nam Den’s content often focuses on his experiences living in Vietnam, language learning, and cultural insights.

Saigon Podcast Pub Crawl

I recently shared my seven favorite craft beer bars in Saigon and decided to put my money where my mouth was because a few people suggested it. We’re doing a craft beer crawl that day, and I couldn’t believe how many people showed up.

Thuyen Vo And The Michelin Guide Controversy

Continuing the conversation between Thuyen and me, we explored deeper in the Michelin Guide. She also gave us expert insight about Michelin Restaurants in Vietnam as well as her favorite fine dining spots!

Discovering Modern Vietnam: Top 11 Cocktail Bars in Ho Chi Minh City

In the latest episode of A Vietnam Podcast Niall shares his best Cocktail Bars in Ho Chi Minh City. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, these top 11 cocktail bars promise to change your perspective of Saigon and Vietnam.

A Journey of meth addiction and Recovery with Tue-Si Nguyen

“When you’re at rock bottom as a drug addict, you’ll know. Cause, as I explained it, there is that choice that you have to make. And when you’re ready to look up, then I have plenty of advice.”

Secret Cocktail Experiences in Saigon with Natalya Wissink

From the Trieu Institute’s signature cocktails made with Lady Trieu gin to the art of storytelling behind each drink, we will show you the modern, fast-growing economy of Vietnam.

Happy Hours in Saigon: My top 7

For those seeking to avoid full-priced drinks, navigating the happy hour options can be tricky. In this blog post, I will go through some of my favorite happy hour spots in Saigon.

ESCAPING Vietnam for America – Ella Beth Explains WHY!

By sharing our last experience, this talk highlighted friendship across borders, the difficulties in the Pandemic, and also true love through long distance.

7 Craft Beer Bars To Visit in Saigon

In this episode, I’m taking a break from interviews with guests to share my passion: craft beer!

Thuyen Vo doesn’t think Vung Tau is a B*TCH city!

Thuyen and I reconnected after three years to discuss how life has changed since the pandemic.